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The Brand

At KIT & COCO, we focus on developing safe and efficient products. Our aim is simple: create products that make the best of what nature has to offer that will allow you to treat and protect the little (and not so little) heads from lice (and their nits). So let us tell you how it all started (…)

Proven Efficacy

At KIT & COCO, we make sure that our products are efficient. We are not just a happy brand, everything we do, we do passionately and most importantly, extremely seriously. We partnered with the best scientists and our formulae are tested by independent lice experts. Yes, there are people out there whose job it is to (….)

Research & Development

In recent years, there have been several scientific studies published on the increased resistance lice have to chemicals. Due to genetic mutations, lice have found a way to survive treatments that are insecticide-based *. And that is why our KIT & COCO experts have developed EFFICIENT & SAFE formulae based on (….)