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Natural Head Lice & Nits Shampoo



  • No insecticides or neurotoxic agents – No silicon – No alcohol.
  • NEW improved formulation & packaging plus 50% extra shampoo. Shower cap included.
  • The natural and clinically proven way to kill head lice & their eggs. Free from silicone, parabens, alchohol & insecticides. SAFE for children from 36 months of age.
  • Kills 100% of head lice and their eggs in 45 minutes. No need to repeat. SIMPLE | NATURAL | EFFECTIVE. Everything you need to get rid of head lice in one KIT.
  • Developed in France, KIT & COCO is made from coconut oil which has been used for centuries to treat for head lice and nourish hair. Get rid of head lice the natural (and safe) way.
  • KIT & COCO suffocates the lice so there is no active ingredient that can fail. Just be sure to use enough and KIT & COCO will do the rest.

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150ml – 5,07 fl.oz.

Includes 1 x Treatment Shampoo + 1 x Protective & Fun Shower Cap

KIT & COCO is a range of products specially formulated to free and protect you EFFICIENTLY from head lice and their eggs! From the start, our researchers have been convinced that it is not necessary to use harsh chemicals in order to get the better of head lice and nits. They were determined to find a solution using the best ingredients currently on the market. The result of their work is a range of highly efficient formulae. KIT AND (MOSTLY) COCO’S ULTIMATE INGREDIENT… Naturally hydrating, nourishing and soothing, COCONUT OIL is particularly well suited to hair-care. When massaged in, it both strengthens hair fibers and soothes irritations of the scalp, leaving hair even softer and shinier than before. But that’s not all! Coconut oil has a bonus quality: it is an active participant in the treatment of head lice! The KIT AND COCO complete treatment Kit includes: 150 ml of treatment shampoo & 1 x protective & fun shower cap. Please remember you are buying a product to eradicate an infestation of parasites; the smell is appropriate! KIT & COCO suffocates the lice so there is no active ingredient that can fail! Please make sure you use enough product and it will work. We have 100% success rate in extensive lab tests to back it up!

How To Use

  1. Apply shampoo liberally on damp hair from root to tip. Massage into the scalp with focus on the nape of the neck and behind the ears.
  2. Place the shower cap over the treated head and LET THE TREATMENT WORK FOR 45 MIN.

Rinse hair thoroughly. No need to wash after using KIT&COCO shampoo as the hair is now clean and conditioned. On damp hair, slide the lice comb, strand by strand, from root to tip wiping the lice comb with a dry cloth each time, to prevent re-infestation.


2 in 1 Treatment Shampoo with 100% natural coconut oil extracts.


AQUA, Coconut fatty acid extract; we keep the good fats, SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE and COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE (to help make it foam), CAPRYLYL GLYCOL, PHENOXYETHANOL, ISOTHIAZOLINONE (preserving agents), SODIUM CHLORIDE (salt that stabilizes the formula), TOCOPHERYL ACETATE, CITRIC ACID.


Read instructions carefully before use. Keep out of the reach of children. Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years old. External use only. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water. Keep KIT&COCO in original container at room temperature; making sure that the cap is closed when not in use. Use under adult supervision. Do not use after the expiration date.


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