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Proven Efficacy

At KIT & COCO, we make sure that our products are efficient. We are not just a happy brand, everything we do, we do passionately and most importantly, extremely seriously. We partnered with the best scientists and our formulae are tested by independent lice experts. Yes, there are people out there whose job it is to pick out lice from little kids heads and collect them for testing products like ours!

We had experts such as Mrs Berthine Toubate on our side, whose experience with lice ranges over 20 years. Her ectoparasite laboratory, located in the heart of the Loire valley French Pharmaceutical zone is the ONLY lab in France that breeds its own lice. It is part of the Training & Research Department of the pharmaceutical sciences unit of the University of Tours (Francois Rabelais) and specializes in testing lice & eggs treatments and repellents for several companies and organizations around the world!

The KIT & COCO range was tested on lice of all sizes and stages of development…

And here are our results: