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Research & Development

KIT & COCO Innovative Formulae

In recent years, there have been several scientific studies published on the increased resistance lice have to chemicals. Due to genetic mutations, lice have found a way to survive treatments that are insecticide-based *. And that is why our KIT & COCO experts have developed EFFICIENT & SAFE formulae based on ingredients like coconut oil. Our treatments clog the respiratory system of lice and nits and asphyxiate them. The best part is that as our products do not contain chemicals, they make it very difficult for lice to develop a resistance to our range! Mother nature really does have all the answers!

KIT & COCO are constantly on the lookout for the latest scientific innovations and we surround ourselves with the best specialists and scientists in our field. With their collaboration, we develop formulations with best-in-class ingredients avoiding the use of chemical substances like mineral oils, silicones, parabens and other toxic substances.

Sincere and transparent communication with our customers, is of extreme importance to us. The practice of ‘greenwashing’ has been extensively and increasingly employed in cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries in recent years.

Bearing this in mind, at KIT & COCO, we develop sustainable and more efficacious alternatives for the properties of non-biodegradable silicone, blowing apart the theory that without silicones (dimeticone), hair is not protected from lice efficiently. Crash-tested against the market’s leading silicone-based treatment shampoo, the KIT & COCO formula creates a healthy treatment and protection film similar to the dimeticone one with the added benefit of zero build-up!

KIT & COCO Designed Tools & Accessories

Research & Development isn’t just about finding the best formula… it’s about creating synergies. And so, we created a range of accessories that when used in conjunction with our formula, fit seamlessly into your life while providing the optimal treatment and protection possible!

Our accessories, ergonomic and smart, are designed to be effective, practical, fun and full of style!

KIT & COCO Lice & Eggs Comb

The KIT & COCO lice comb makes it easy for you to prise away those hard to remove eggs while the rounded tips of its teeth protect the delicate scalp of your children. The length of the comb was specially designed to suit all hair types and the ergonomic handle eases the process of dragging nits and lice to the tips of the hair.

KIT & COCO Shower-Cap

Our Shower Caps with their fashionable prints are designed to un-dramatize the treatment process, making it more fun and engaging for children. But wearing the shower cap is not just about having a pretty head! It is mostly important to wear it as it boosts the effectiveness of the formula (``greenhouse effects``) and increases the chance of suffocating the lice and their eggs!