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The Brand


At KIT & COCO, we focus on developing safe and efficient products. Our aim is simple: create products that make the best of what nature has to offer; which will allow you to treat and protect the little (and not so little) heads from lice (and their nits). So let us tell you how it all started…

The Origins Of KIT & COCO

Several years ago our scientists developed effective solutions to protect you as naturally as possible from mosquitoes. Thus was born the indispensable PARA’KITO. Piqued by the idea of a new challenge, our scientists were determined to free families from the exasperating infestations of lice and nits!

True to our values, we decided to use the best-in-class ingredients available on the market to create treatment and protective formulae that are safe and efficient while remaining gentle on hair. We believe it is not necessary to give in to the use of chemicals to tackle head lice and nits. AND SO WAS BORN OUR KIT & COCO RANGE!

Apart from a few unlucky lice, our products are never tested on animals! As your well-being is at the heart of our concerns, our RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT teams have designed original accessories to accompany our treatment shampoos and protectors such as our lice comb and shower cap. Our range is developed to be effective, safe, practical, fun and full of style.

With KIT & COCO, the treatment of lice and eggs fits naturally into your daily life: Fun for Kids, Easy for Parents!

Why It Matters


We definitely are. For us, it is all about creating innovative solutions that will free and protect you from head lice and nits long term. Our passion meets with our expertise when designing products that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

We create formulae that efficiently target the problems created by head lice and their eggs, whilst giving some serious TLC (Tender Loving Care!) to your hair. Our products have been specifically developed using the finest ingredients to be safe, caring and reliable.

We value nature in all of its glory, and therefore refuse to use chemical ingredients. We owe it to ourselves and the environment. With the technology available today, there is no excuse for manufactures no to produce products to be as natural as they are efficient.

We don’t just want our products to be efficient. We also want them to be easily integrated into family life AND to be loved and enjoyed by little ones and their parents alike. Our accessories have been conceived to be efficient, practical, fun and stylish!

We’re not just here for the short term. Every step of the way; from home, to school, to summer camp… you need us, we’ll be there.

Never content to rely on what has been done before; we push forward and continue to hunt down the best ingredients currently available on the market. We are always on the cutting edge of the latest scientific innovations and surround ourselves with the best specialists and scientists in our field.

We care deeply about our planet and vow that our products are never tested on animals (apart from on a few unlucky head lice) and that they are, of course, environmentally friendly.