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Tips & Tricks

KIT & COCO’s Advice To Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Nannies…

AT THE FIRST SIGNS OF ITCHING, carefully inspect your children’s heads under good lighting. Focus on the nape of their necks and behind their ears in particular. Nits are easier to spot than lice, which are speedy little critters and the best way to make a correct diagnosis is by using KIT & COCO’s ultra efficient fine toothed comb! Lice and nits are resistant to water and traditional shampoos. It is therefore essential to use specially formulated shampoos, and to follow the recommended dosage. KIT & COCO’s treatment shampoos are ideal for this.

Don’t forget to gather bed sheets, towels, hats, teddies and wash them at 60 degrees Celsius… alternatively you can collect all objects, linens and clothes that may have been contaminated, and leave them in a closed bag for 2 days. That will be the last of those lice, seeing as they can’t survive for more than 2 days far from a friendly host.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Avoid sharing combs, hairbrushes, clips, scarves, and hats… to protect your children’s classmates. Inform the school, the nursery, after-school clubs, other parents…

At school, lice are handed out faster than brownie points: When children play together, all it takes is the slightest contact for lice to switch from one head to another. It is therefore essential to act quickly once an invasion has occurred, and to take the school’s alerts seriously.

Our Teens’ Selfies: Lice Are Pretty Photogenic Things!

Phones in hand, heads close together, hair intertwined… in less than a second you have a selfie to share, but also a few extra little companions. That’s right: this latest craze is one of the easiest ways of transmitting head lice. But, using the KIT & COCO’s “lice-guards”, will allow your teens to chill out at break time whilst still keeping head lice at bay!

Head Lice Treatment Effectiveness

Comparing data on the effectiveness of treatments in killing head lice and eggs.


Permetherin kills live lice but not unhatched eggs. It can cause May scalp irritations, including itching, swelling or redness.

Coconut Oil (KIT & COCO)

Coconut oil is naturally hydrating, nourishing and soothing, it is particularly well suited to hair-care and KIT & COCO’s formula has loads of it!


Dimeticone is a silicone based polymer and the main active ingredient in many top selling treatments today. It is also toxic and can cause rashes, skin irritations and other side effects.


Permetherin kills live lice but not unhatched eggs. It can cause May scalp irritations, including itching, swelling or redness.

Wet Combing

It is incredibly difficult to get rid of lice if you do not remove the eggs. Just using a lice comb is incredibly time consuming and extremely unlikely to remove all the eggs. You can keep on top of an infestation with constant combing but it is doubtful you will eradicate it.

Lice Free, Life is sweet!